January 1, 2012

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Merry Christmas And Happy New Years!!

I know that i am late but merry christmas and A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

New Things will be coming in 2012.. If i can get at least 30 followers, I will do a special story..... 

November 29, 2011

October 29, 2011

Winning poll comment

Flynn needed a babysitter because his mom was working late and Cece and Rocky were sleeping over at Rocky's house. Ty and Deuce volunteered to babysit. They both got there at the same time. "Hey." They both said. "Hey." Flynn responded. "You alright?" "Flynn, you look upset?" "Yeah, I'm fine. It's just that..." "What is it?" "Well, in Health we are starting to talk about puberty." "And you don't feel like you measure up to what the pictures depict." Deuce asked. "Yeah." "All guys feel that way." "Don't worry you're young, you'll get there." "Ok, I'll be in my room."Ok, tell us if you have any questions." "Ok."

They waited for him to walk out. Once they heard his door close, Deuce walked to the DVD player and hit play. "Oh yeah." Ty yelled. "Ty, keep it down." "Ok, where is the remote. It's a little loud." "I don't see it." Flynn's door opened and he was shocked at what he saw. On the screen was gay porn. "Here is the remote and what is that? "Ty snatched the remote from his hand and turned off the tv." "Oh nothing." "How old do you think I am. I know what porn is." "What do they teach you at school?" "If you don't tell anyone that you watched it, then I guess you can stay." "I promise." They turned the tape back on and let him stay. 5 minutes into the tape, Flynn yelled out "Stop." "What's wrong." "Everyone in the movie looks so much larger than me." "Flynn, in porn movies they enlarge things. In real life, they don't look like that." "Really?" "Really, I mean look at this." And with that Deuce loosened his belt and took his pants off revealing his 6 inch penis. "See, I'm not that big." "Oh well. That makes me feel better about myself." And with that Flynn took off his pants to reveal a 5 inch penis. "Wow, man that's embarrassing. He's 10 years old and he's not that much bigger than you." "Hey, I don't see your penis." "Well, you asked for it." Then Ty unzipped his pants and revealed an 8 inch penis. "So you see Flynn, not every guy is the same. We are all different shapes and sizes." Well thank you Ty that does genuinely help. But,.." "What's wrong. I've been getting these urges to masturbate. How did you guys know." "All guys get that urge. I guess I started out when I was your age." "Well, how do you do it exactly." "I could probably show you better than I can tell you." 

do you like the story 

October 22, 2011

I need your help!!

I need to know what y'all would like for me to post next... Plz I need reponse's so I know what I need to post and what I don't...

Examples like more storys or like more pics of certain celebrity..

October 18, 2011

Tell me

Tell me what you want me to post for pics and story's, if u have any fakes that you would like for me to post on here, send them to celebnudz@yahoo.com

October 17, 2011


David & Jake

Jake and David were at David's house. It was a dark and stormy night so neither of them could escape. Especially not David who was surprised by Jake's questions. "How big are you man?" "What?" David responded. David wasn't expecting him to ask him something like that. "How big is your dick, man? I know you measured before." "Honestly, I haven't I was never curious about that." Jake was surprised. David was older than him so he assumed that he measured before. "You never measured before? I never met a guy who hasn't." "You want to help me?" David was straight. Jake was bi curious and was waiting for an opportunity like this. "Are you gay man?" They both asked each other at the same time. Jake responded first. "I'm not but I'm curious" "Oh." David responded "I'm straight but I am a little bit of an exhibitionist. If you were to go through my camera you would see masturbation videos. I would hate for those to get in the wrong hands." "No need to worry your secret is safe with me. Now where do you keep your ruler." "It's in my dresser." While Jake was walking to get David's ruler he realized something David said.  "If you recorded yourself then wouldn't you have an idea of how big you are?" "Alright fine you caught me. I know how big I am, I just didn't think you would believe me." "Try me." "10." "Yeah, that sounds about right. I've seen you bulging on set." "Shut up, do I really bulge that much." "Yeah, that's why I asked. I've been going to the gym recently and I don't seem to measure up." "I'm sure you're average. Come on whip it out" "David?" "What?" "Show me yours and I'll show you mine" "OK." They turned around to unzip themselves and were shocked when they turned around.  

more to come!!!

September 26, 2011


Sorry i have not been on that long, but i have me some really awesome stories that are really good COMING SOON.. I WILL POST ABOUT 3 TO 4 STORYS THIS WEEK AND HAVE SOME NEXT WEEK FOR ME NOT BEING ON FOR SO LONG...

August 24, 2011

Awesome story coming tomorrow!!

I have a brand new story that I would like to give credit to my assiant, with out his help, I would not be able to keep this going..

Zele and Luther part 3

Zeke really didn’t like to be taken advantage of. So when he heard Luther laughing he went off. Zeke was talking to someone online and this guy was a little kinky. Zeke had handcuffs in his desk. He reached for them and handcuffed Luther to his bed. “Let me go!” Luther screamed. Zeke ignored him he liked his screaming. Luther hadn’t zippered his pants yet so Zeke just lowered them off him and exposed his butt. This was the first time that he attempted something like this. He was a little nervous but watched enough porn to know what he was doing. Zeke’s cock was uncircumcised. He was a little hairy too. He also didn’t have any condoms or lube so Zeke just went to town on Luther. “Now you know what it is like to be taken advantage of.” Zeke shouted at Luther. Luther was in pain at first but he started to enjoy it after a while. Zeke was already aroused from Luther so it didn’t take that long for him to cum. Zeke lifted up Luther shirt a little and came all over his back. Zeke liked the taste of cum so he just licked it off Luther’s back. Zeke uncuffed him and just stared into his eyes. “I’m gay.” they both admitted to each other. Luther went into the bathroom to clean up when he saw Zeke enter. Let’s take a shower Zeke said. Luther smiled and they both heard cut come from the director. “That was great you guys. Go shower off and you guys are done for the day.”  

there is more to the story. im so sorry for submitting it so late. 

August 7, 2011

Zeke & Luther Part 2

Zeke didn’t know what to say. He knew he was sexually curious, but didn’t think his first experience would be with his best friend. Before he could say anything he saw Luther unzip his pants. Next thing Zeke knew Luther forced Zeke to go down on him. Before Zeke made contact he said “Luth wait I didn’t say yes or no yet.” “Yeah I could care less. I haven’t jerked off in two weeks. I think I’m due.” Zeke thought that he was doing his friend a favor, but little did Zeke know what was going on.  Zeke had a hard time starting out. It was his first sexual experience, guy or girl. He didn’t know how much to take in, what to do with his balls, he knew nothing. All he knew was that he had 6 inches of meat in front of him and a willing participant. Zeke started out slowly, just taking in the tip. “Can you take more in bro, there’s more there than just the tip.” Luther demanded. Zeke stopped for a minute “Why are you telling me what to do, this is my first time doing something like this.” “Bro, I’m sorry. I guess I got caught up in the moment.”  “No, it’s ok.” Zeke resumed when Luther apologized. Zeke started to get into it and you could tell Luther was enjoying it. He was moaning and started to touch his nipples. Zeke had his eyes closed for a while. When he opened them he almost started to laugh. He knew that Luther was red-headed, but didn’t realize that he crotch was as well. He was trimmed which Zeke appreciated, but that didn’t take away from his fire crotch. Zeke was about to start tickling Luther’s balls when he started to cum. No warning or anything. Zeke went to the bathroom to spit when he heard laughter. “What is so funny?” he thought to himself. “Luther, what is so funny?” “You, you’re so stupid.” “What are you talking about?” “I was recording the whole thing. Now everybody will know that you’re gay for me.” Zeke wanted revenge but he had to think about it. “Luth please don’t post it yet.” “Why shouldn’t I?” Zeke pinned him on the bed and no one expected what happened next. 

August 4, 2011

Zeke & Luther

They were just getting from skating and went to Zeke's house.  They were both very tired and in the house all alone. “Oh my God, I am tired.” Luther said. “I know me too.” said Zeke. They were both very bored so Zeke turned on his computer. “What are you looking up?” Luther asked. “Nothing, just surfing the web.” Zeke responded. Luther went to the bathroom and heard a moan coming from Zeke’s room. “What was that?” Luther asked himself. He came out of the bathroom and saw a glimpse of Zeke’s computer. He saw flesh, but little did he know what was really on the computer. “Hey, I saw that!” Luther said. “What are you talking  about?” Zeke questioned. “On your computer, I know that you were looking at porn” “Alright, you caught me I was looking at porn.” Zeke finally admitted. “Hey, no need to be embarrassed, everybody does it. Hit the back browser, I’m always game for porn. What was it girl-on-girl? It doesn't matter.” “It wasn’t girl-on-girl.” Zeke said nervously. He hit the back browser and saw a video of a guy jerking-off. Luther was shocked. “Zeke. Bro. I didn’t know that you were gay.” “I’m not. I’m not. I was just curious is all.” Zeke exclaimed. “Bro, no problem. We all get curious. I just never get caught.” Luther joked. “Man that’s a relief, I thought that you would get mad if you found out.” “No worries, but you do realize that I have to tell everybody that you looked at gay porn.” Luther was gay too, but he wasn’t going to admit that to Zeke, not yet anyway. Luth, please. You can’t tell anyone about this, please.” Luther was grinning when he said this. “Well I won’t tell anyone if you do something for me.” “What is it? I’ll do anything if you don’t tell anyone.” “Give me a blowjob and I won’t tell anyone else.”

Sterling get a visit from Joe!

Sterling was on set all day as usual, so he finally got a break and went to his trailor. Joe was there sitting on his couch when sterling walked in. "What are you doing here" sterling asked. "Just dropped by to see how the new movie was going". Oh it's going pretty good, sterling said. Oh that's good. Joe said. Sterling went to get them some drinks and Joe went too. Joe " accidentally dropped something, and sterling went to pick it up. When he did Joe pretended to trip and pulled sterling's shorts down. When he did sterling's 8 inch cock fell out and Joe just stared at it. Sterling quickly pulled his shorts up and went to sit down. Joe said sorry and noticed that sterling was rock hard. So Joe spilt some of his drink on sterling's cock. So he went to get a rag and started drying it up. Joe then ripped sterling's shorts down and sterling thrust Joe's head onto his cock and Joe starting sucking. Sterling is moaning liking crazy, when Joe said let's fuck and sterling go on the floor. Joe stuck his 7 inch cock in sterling's tight ass and started pounding it really hard until sterling was moaning so loud that people outside could probably hear. So Joe finnally came and sterling told him to get on the floor and he did Joe started licking sterling's ass and hole. When he was done like he cautiously stuck his 8 inch cock into Joe's slightly loose ass and starting fucking really hard. Sterling pulled out and pulled Joe's head to his cock, and sterling let a load of cum that almost made Joe gag but he swallowed it all and fell back and the couch. Both so tired and still horny sucked each other until sterling had to go back on set. They both cum all over each and sterling had to leave but when the takes for that day were over, sterling went back to his trailor and Joe was there waiting for him. They fucked and sucked each other all night long and came on each multiple time. Joe visited sterling's trailor until his movie was over and they fucked everyday.